December 30, 2000

We had a big snowstorm today!

I had to go out anyway to get the keys for the new Fog Creek office, so I took a digital camera and went out to examine the damage.

New York City was quiet, both because hardly any cars were on the roads, and because the snow muffled things a lot.

My street (you can click on any of 
these pictures for larger, high 
quality versions.)

The local coffee shop looked cozy and inviting

First stop: Times Square. The stock 
price monitors at NASDAQ looked like 
mountains of snow, while the windows 
reflected the real thing from outside.

The new Ben and Jerry's in Bryant Park 
had lines down the street. "Ice cream!" 
the people demanded.

The New York Public Library looked 
forlorn. This is 42nd Street at midday, 
usually one of the busiest streets 
in the world!

Even the lions in front of the 
library looked like they were 
huddling from the cold.

This street corner looked like something 
from right out of Ben Katchor's Julias Knipl, 
Real Estate Photographer
, so I had to stop 
and take a picture. Ben Katchor has finally 
been recognized as a genius, something 
I've known since I first spotted his strips 
in the Forward.

Central Park from the West Side.