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First, some history. I grew up in Albuquerque, NM. When I was 15 my family moved to Jerusalem, Israel, where I went to high school and then served in the army. I even jumped out of airplanes (to be precise: I was thrown!). I was one of the founders of Kibbutz Hanaton, in the Upper Galil, where I lived for a couple of years. In 1987 I came back to the USA for college. I went to Penn for one year but didn't like it too much so I transferred to Yale.

After graduating I went to work at Microsoft for a couple of years but I didn't really like suburbs, so I moved to New York City. I took some time off to travel (including biking across America, which was certainly good exercise). For a while, I worked for Viacom on some web/Internet stuff like Java programming, and then as a programmer at Juno. Last September I started a new software company.

Things I love: Jared, bicycling, programming, music of every conceivable type, happy mutants, long walks, talking to smart people, Central Park, bookstores, museums, reading a book on the climbing machine at the gym, Tintin comics, and hanging with my friends.

Things I hate: drinking, smoking, drugs, eating meat, cars, TV. Plus all the usual stuff like racism and war but you knew that.

I'm a liberal, bicycling vegetarian Jewish computer geek. I have a boyfriend, Jared, (yeah, mom, he's Jewish!) who makes me really happy (giant smile).

This site has the journal from my bike trip, with illustrations, some pictures of me and my family, and a Java game called Zoop which I wrote for your amusement. For more up to date stuff, visit my frequently-updated weblog.

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