From: Joel Spolsky
Date: 22 May 1995 13:18:31 -0400
To: everyone
Subject: Ozarks? what Ozarks?


This is a pretty picture postcard from Southwest Missouri State University, a place that is so unapoligetically unacademic that the football stadium makes up one side of the quad. Although the signs all say "Ozark this" and "Ozark That" the wimpy Ozark mountains are pretty far away, and they're not really mountains so much as bumps. Despite the low elevations, the roads are steep up-n-down roller-coasters. So, in the corner of the postcard, if you look closely, you can see an exhausted bicyclist singing (as per Handel)

Every valley shall be exalted,
and every mountain and hill made low,
The crooked straight,
And the rough places plain

... as large flying bugs making almost as much noise fling themselves to their deaths on his arms and legs. (Now you know why bicyclists shave their legs).

Anyway, I'm out of the Ozarks now, looking forward to a couple weeks extreme boredom in the flat parts of MO, Kansas, and Eastern Colorado. Springfield has the dubious distinction of having *banned* using profanity, lawsuits from the ACLU nonwithstanding; in a probably unrelated event it also suffered a 20% increase in violent crime last year. The downtown area, along the old Route 66, is wonderfully seedy: pawn shops, bus terminals, "hotels" that are really flophouses, and the occasional desperate attempt at urban renewal. The tallest building in town is a phone switch with big microwave dishes, shaped like Madonna's breasts, situated at about the right height (that would be the 23rd floor), which is extremely humourous-looking. Haha

Springfield (MO) City Hall

Well I can't really be here, writing this, because I lost my SMSU student ID, but otherwise all is well and keep writing.


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